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Kettle Produce sponsors the 'Athlete with a Disability Award' at East Fife Sports Council Awards

At Kettle Produce, we believe in celebrating and supporting achievements which is why we are proud sponsors of the 'Athlete with a Disability Award' at the East Fife Sports Council Awards. During several years supporting the awards, we've had the privilege of recognising incredible individuals who defy limitations.

On 20 March, our Finance Director, Liz Waugh, attended the awards ceremony in xxx. Among the many remarkable athletes present, it was a particularly special moment when she presented the 2023 award to Sam Fernando.

Sam, a member of Fife AC and a T20 athlete, embodies the spirit of perseverance and striving for excellence.

Liz Waugh, Finance Director said: “Sam's journey is a testament to the power of resilience and the belief that with determination, anything is possible. His passion for athletics,  dedication to his sport, coupled with his determined spirit, has propelled him to success, making him a deserving recipient of the 'Athlete with a Disability Award. Congratulations, Sam, on this well-deserved recognition.”

As Kettle Produce continues to sponsor events like the East Fife Sports Council Awards, we remain committed to championing inclusivity and celebrating people’s remarkable accomplishments.

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