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Kettle Produce was delighted to see Ian Morrison presented with the Geoff Philpott Lifetime Award at the 2022 Brassica and Leafy Salads Conference. Ian has been with Kettle Produce for 42 years.

Ian Morrison has had a number of roles at Kettle produce and progressed his way up to Head of Field Operations, a role he held until recently, when he decided to move into an analyst role.

The Geoff Philpott Lifetime Award celebrates those who have committed most of their working life to the UK Brassica Industry, to shine a spotlight on those who help ensure UK customers have the best of British Brassicas. It is nominated from within the industry, so it’s clear to see that Ian’s hard work and commitment shines bright in the industry. This award is highly sought after and is given to just one person each year.

Ian thanked past and present colleagues from his 42 years at Kettle Produce, and paid thanks to farmers and growers he’s worked with over the years and others within the industry who he has loved working with.

Here at Kettle Produce, we are incredibly proud of Ian and this fantastic achievements and can't think of a better winner for this distinguished award.

Geoff Philpott was a staunch supporter of the British Growers Association and would enthusiastically promote farming and in particular vegetable production to both the press and to his wide contacts in both regional and national government.   With his farm in Broadstairs in Kent being a hub for brassica and cauliflower growing and cultivation, he was something of a legendary character in the industry from the 80s to the early 2000s.   His family farm continues to run today with his son, Geoff Jnr at the helm.

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