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Kettle Produce was pleased to provide a substantial fresh food donation to support the Ukraine Aid Campaign. 

We donated five pallets of carrots and two pallets of swede as part of a 23-pallet load donation, set up by Nationwide Produce and involving several other food producers.

We were so pleased to be able to take part in this brilliant initiative to help the people affected by events in Ukraine and provide them with fresh produce.

A huge thanks to McLaughlin Transport for transporting the pallets to Evesham for us, from where the fresh produce was then taken to Ukraine.

Liz Waugh, Finance Director at Kettle Produce, said: “Well done and thank you to everyone involved for this amazing donation, including all of the Kettle Produce staff involved in getting our contribution prepared and loaded. We have a number of Ukrainian staff within our team, and it was our pleasure to support the Ukraine Aid Campaign to help people in the Ukraine.”

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