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Jeff Layton, Crop Manager at Kettle Produce, has recently taken part in school learning events organised by the Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET) Fife Countryside Initiative.

On 26 May there was a Food and Farming Day at Barns Farm, Aberdour attended by pupils from six primary schools and an event on 9 June at Gilston Mains Farm near Leven, which was attended by three primary schools.

Jeff told the children all about Kettle Produce and the work the team do, with a focus on vegetables. He even took along some of the produce grown by Kettle Produce to show examples of what is grown and how it is grown.

The RHET Fife Countryside Initiative aims to bring farming to life for young people. There are RHET Countryside Initiatives across Scotland.

RHET works with volunteers to provide free educational activities and experiential learning opportunities linked to the Curriculum for Excellence.

Kettle Produce is to be able to support RHET activities and teach young people all about farming and agriculture.

You can find out more about the work that RHET do here -

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