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Fife-based firm Kettle Produce continued their work with charity Fife Gingerbread by providing healthy food to those in need during the summer holidays.

Kettle Produce provided 70 vegetable packs a week to families attending Fife Gingerbread’s Family Food & Fun events that took place every Tuesday during the summer holidays.

The events ran for six weeks at St Columba’s Church in Glenrothes and were open to the entire Glenrothes community. The vegetable packs provided by Kettle Produce were available for families to take home as a way of providing healthy food for everyone.

Due to the pandemic, this annual event looked different this year, with a takeaway service so that families could come in and pick up their pre-packed lunches. The children also got to choose an activity to take away with them, like archery sets, bats and balls and hula hoops, as well as indoor activities such colouring sheets/books and crayons.

The lunches consisted of soup and sandwiches. The team used several of Kettle Produce’s donated vegetable packs to make the soup in the church kitchen.

Any leftover vegetable packs were shared with other Fife Gingerbread activities, such as one-off family event at Muddy Boots where the support workers took several for their families to take away or taken to local food banks who are always delighted to receive them.

These events were organised by Fife Gingerbread, a voluntary sector organisation that supports and empowers struggling lone parents and families in Fife who need help most and campaign for change on their behalf.

Liz Waugh, Finance Director at Kettle Produce, said: “We were pleased to be able to support Fife Gingerbread once again by providing vegetable packs to those in the local community. While it was different to their usual summer holiday activities, we are glad Fife Gingerbread were able to host these events and were thrilled to be able to help by providing healthy food for families.”

Find out how you can support Fife Gingerbread and help them take care of those in our community who need it the most:

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