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Recognising that developing Fife’s young workforce is essential for its business growth, Kettle Produce is supporting a new crop of students and apprentices advancing their careers with one of Fife’s largest employers.

With a diverse range of proficiencies within its business, Kettle Produce is well positioned to support and develop its staff across many traditional and more specialist career paths. The company works in partnership with local educational establishments, such as Fife College and the Scottish Rural College (SRUC), to ensure that employee learning aligns with the practical experience gained on the job.

Kettle Produce also works with Skills Development Scotland to identify the most appropriate Modern Apprenticeship programmes.

Kettle Produce Head of HR, John McGregor, said: “The young people who come to work with us represent the next generation of the workforce who will develop our business in the future. They also have so much to offer us now, from improving staff morale to increasing our productivity.

“We pride ourselves on providing all our staff with opportunities to develop their careers through a range of learning choices. For new staff, this often takes the form of working towards vocational qualifications such as Modern Apprenticeships (MAs).

“All of our MAs, and staff studying through other initiatives, are a significant asset to our business. We’re very pleased to be in a position to support their ongoing career development.”

Courtney Sneddon (18) from Leven, now has a permanent position at Kettle Produce’s Orkie site after recently completing a MA in Business Administration. She said:

“Having the opportunity to work in a relevant role whilst studying towards a formal qualification was a very appealing option for me when applying for jobs.

“The on-the-job experience I’ve had, within a supportive team, has been really important and has provided a great advantage over classroom-based learning only.

“It was fantastic to be offered a permanent position, and I’m very pleased to be able to continue my career with Kettle Produce.”

Currently working towards an MA in Accountancy, Ellie Brannan (20) from Buckhaven, has been working at Kettle Produce’s Balmalcolm site for just over a year.

Ellie added: “I’ve been working fulltime with the finance team and studying online towards my formal qualification. Although there can be quite a lot of pressure, especially approaching exams and assessments, working with colleagues within a department relevant to my studies is a huge bonus.”

Ashley Houston (20) from Freuchie, is studying towards an HR qualification with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), while working within Kettle Produce’s HR team.

Ashley commented: “I can apply what I learn to my job and vice versa, which is very beneficial. Being paid while I learn is also an advantage!

“I’m due to complete the second stage of study in June 2019, and I’m already considering studying for an advanced diploma.”

Kettle’s modern apprentices are part of 2,541 apprentices in training in Fife, as of 29 June 2018. The Modern Apprenticeship achievement rate in Fife is 75%, and nationally 92% of MAs stay in work once they are qualified according to Skills Development Scotland.

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