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The roots of Kettle Produce go way back to 1976 when two farming families in Fife started growing vegetables in partnership. In 1986, Kettle Produce Limited was incorporated.

We grow approximately 2,800 hectares of vegetable and salad crops across Scotland. The main crop production areas are in Fife, the Lothians, Perthshire, and Angus. Early and late crops are also grown in south west Scotland and Aberdeenshire. Our growers are from generations of farming experience who farm some of the best arable land in Scotland.

We also have several strategic supply partnerships with major growers across Europe and the rest of the world totalling over 5,000 hectares of crops.

Working with our Growers

Our specialist agronomy team use tools such as disease forecasting models and pest trapping. The agronomists advise our farmers on all aspects of crop production. These crop management techniques help maximise crop quality and yields.

Crop managers inspect crops frequently and work with our growers to ensure that crops are harvested in the peak of condition and harvesting of all crops is managed and controlled by a dedicated team.

Our farms assurance team works closely with our growers to ensure strict crop production protocols are followed. These ensure crops are produced using environmentally sensitive methods which guarantee that food safety standards are maintained.

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